Nature enthusiasts

With its wide-open, scenic landscapes, sweeping vistas and abundance of water, Walcheren is the ultimate holiday destination for lovers of nature and peace and quiet. Come and enjoy the many different types of scenery that Walcheren has to offer! Walcheren has it all – polders, creeks, country estates, villages and cities. The dykes of Walcheren protect the area from the water and tell the story of land obtained by reclamation (drainage). Walcheren has four areas with creeks where there is plenty to find for the true nature enthusiast. Special bird, butterfly, herb and plant species are present in these areas. These spots are also great for birdwatching. The most unusual birds here include the horned grebe, the black-necked grebe and the kingfisher. In short, it’s a place where you can go for long walks and enjoy the area’s extensive dunes and wide beaches. Did you know that Zeeland’s beaches are the cleanest in the Netherlands?

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