Culture aficionados

Zeeland has a rich history and is very proud of its heritage. The people of Zeeland honour their traditions and dialect and feel strongly about keeping ancient customs and rituals alive. Zeeland’s many museums, monuments and art galleries testify to this. Water is a recurring element here too – not just the battle against the water, but also the many possibilities that water creates for Zeeland’s inhabitants.

When it comes to culture, Vlissingen is hard to beat and therefore well worth visiting. Without a doubt the most well-known statue in Zeeland is that of Michiel de Ruyter on the boulevard, which you can almost see from your apartment. The maritime museum, muZEEum (mu-SEA-um), which ranks highly on the list of best museums in the Netherlands, is also a must-visit. In short, Zeeland is not only the perfect destination for a beach vacation, it is also a unique province in terms of culture.

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