De Gulden Stroom

House rules

House rules

These rules apply to every person who uses the apartments of 'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom', ie. tenants and any other person (hereafter referred to as tenant) who uses the facilities offered by 'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' in Vlissingen. 

1. Agreements which differ from the rules set in this manual are only valid when these agreements are written down in another agreement, supported by both tenant and management/lessor of 'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' in Vlissingen.

2. Purposely giving out any misleading or false information on names, addresses or other vital data which could be important for conducting business with 'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' and has negative outcome on any agreement made for 'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' will lead to immediate termination of those agreements previously made. This eventually can lead to eviction of 'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom'.

3. The minimum age for anyone to rent an apartment at 'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' and for the person who's personal information is to be registered on the reservation form has to be 21.
All tenants have to comply with the rules and times set for arrival and departure. If not, management or lessors can charge extra. 

4. It is not permitted to smoke inside the apartments.  Also it is not permitted to have an open fire, barbeque or anything related to this whilst staying in the apartments.

5. Both tenants and visitors of
'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' are kindly asked to conduct themselves responsibly and refrain from any actions that could cause offence or annoyance to the other tenants.
Visitors are those people who are allowed to make use of the facilities offered by 
'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' during the hours of 08:00AM and 23:00PM for a period of 24 hours. 
Outside the times mentioned above, no visitors are allowed inside the building without a written statement given out by the management/lessor, giving the visitor the explicit right to be there. 
All public areas inside the complex of 'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' are to be quiet after 23:00PM. 

6. All vehicles are allowed in the parking haven underneath 
'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' on the designated pathways, using the speed limit of 5 K/hr. Mopeds and all other vehicles using some sort of motor are allowed in only with the engine turned off.
All vehicles are to be placed in the therefore assigned areas. It is not permitted to do any kind of mechanical repairs on a vehicle that is parked in the parking area of 'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom'. Vehicles are only to be washed / cleaned in the therefore available areas.

7. It is not permitted to have a domestic animal inside any apartment of 
'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom'. Also it is not allowed for visitors to bring a domestic animal of any kind into the complex whilst staying there.

8. It is not permitted for a tenant to keep animals within the building of 
'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' that can cause any annoyance or inconvenience. 
The same rule applies to any engines, tools or  appliances of which the management / lessor decides they can cause annoyance or inconvenience of any kind.

9. Radios or other electrical sound equipment is to be used in such a way that no noise can be heard outside the apartment. Bath towels, tablecloths or otherwise cannot be beaten out from the balcony. Of course we also kindly ask you not to throw down  waste from cigarettes etc. down the balcony.

10. The tenant and visitor are to comply with all rules set by management / lessor. 

11. The tenant is obliged to keep the rented area and areas in the direct vicinity neat and clean. It has to be prevented that garbage or litter of any kind lies around in the rented and surrounding areas. The tenant has to make use of the garbage bins placed at his disposal by the management / lessor. 

12. The main tenant, other people living with him / her and visitors are to be held liable and fully responsible for any damage caused by their doings to other persons, property of 
'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom'  or to the people acting for 
'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom'. 
The cost of the damage is to be paid directly and in full at the reception of 
'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom'. 
When direct payment is not possible, the person liable for this payment is held to settle this bill to  'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' at the first following written request from the management / lessor to do so.

13. Management staff, lessor or people working for 'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' have the right to enter the apartments at any time for inspection or maintenance work. This does not entitle the tenant to any kind of restitution of the whole sum paid for rent or part of this sum.
Furthermore, management / lessors always hold the right to close down buildings and their appliances for maintenance checks for an indefinite time. Also this does not entitle the tenant to any kind of restitution of the whole sum paid for rent or part of this sum.

14. 'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' is not liable, in any case, for damage, loss or theft of property or personal belongings of the tenant, the people who are living with the tenant or visitors, unless there is clear evidence of gross negligence, misconduct or willful intent to do so.
Also 'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' is not liable, in any case, to any personal injury to a tenant, the people who are living with the tenant or visitor for the duration of their stay in the complex, unless there is clear evidence of gross negligence, misconduct or willful intent to do so.

15. Management / lessor or staff of 'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom', occupied with carrying out the rules set in this protocol have the right to send a person out who does not live by these rules and / or deny any further access to the whole complex of 
'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom'. The decision to send a person out or deny further access does not need to be preceded by a first warning.
'Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom' is not held to make any restitutions of the sum of money paid for rent for a particular period after the occurrence of the above stated events.