Shopping in Zeeland

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Shopping in Zeeland

Zeeland is a great place for shopping, offering a wide range of shops and terraces to choose from every day of the week. In fact, Zeeland is renowned for its many markets and shops offering countless prestigious brands. Both Vlissingen and the centre of Oost-Souburg have a wide selection of shops that sell exactly what you are looking for, so there’s no need to go elsewhere.

Vlissingen’s city centre has a broad array of shops. There are also a number of shopping malls in the residential districts that you can explore. Late-night opening is on Fridays. Sunday opening is on the last Sunday of the month from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The weekly market is held on Fridays in the city centre and there is a fresh market with great produce on Saturdays. Vlissingen also hosts special markets throughout the year such as the De Ruyter annual market, the Midsummer Night market on the boulevards and the Karolingen Market in Oost-Souburg. Oost-Souburg boasts local shops as well as national chains. Late-night opening is on Thursdays.

On Easter Sunday and Whit Sunday there is a big market fair in Vlissingen with stalls set up all along the boulevard selling every conceivable commodity you can imagine: jewellery, perfume, greetings cards, clothing, books, bath towels, ‘poffertjes’ (a kind of tiny pancakes) and much, much more. The market is famous for its vendors praising their items to bystanders.

The historical fortress city of Veere is also well worth visiting.

You can find traces of the rich history of Veere, one of the 17 protected urban and rural areas in Zeeland, in the many monuments the small city offers:

  • The Grote Kerk
  • The Town Hall
  • The Scottish houses along the Kaai
  • The Campveerse Tower
  • The Mill (De Koe, the Cow)
  • and many more smaller monuments

When you stay at De Gulden Stroom, you will find that there are plenty of sights to see and things to do right on your doorstep. The most beautiful and fun places to visit, such as Oost-Souburg, Middelburg, Domburg, Goes, Zierikzee, Bergen op Zoom, Sluis and Terneuzen, are all less than an hour’s drive away.

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