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The small city of Veere has an illustrious past. Today it only has about 750 residents, but in the 15th and 17th century Veere used to be a prosperous trading city with more than 5,000 inhabitants. This attractive old city oozes charm and the atmosphere of a time gone by, combining the past with modern-day liveliness in a stunning setting with water galore.

De Kaai near the marina and the Markt square are dotted with beautiful merchant’s houses and warehouses with stepped gables, spout gables, cornice gables and bell gables.

Today, much of the city’s heritage is still alive, such as the impressive Grote Kerk, the elegant town hall on the Markt square, the gothic Scottish houses along the Kaai and, last but not least, the fortifications. Veere also has many traditional shops.

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